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Mayacamas Charter Middle School is a school where socio-economically and racially/ethnically diverse students – who have diverse learning needs – will benefit from a highly personalized program that differentiates instruction to meet individual students’ needs. Through project-based learning, online learning, and other engaging strategies, as well as an emphasis on students’ social-emotional development, Mayacamas will ensure students master state content standards and grow developmentally in an inclusive, welcoming and supportive school culture.

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Our vision is that Mayacamas Charter Middle School will offer families in Napa Valley an important option for their children’s middle grades education (and the option to have a complete K-12 pathway in New Tech Network schools) and that we will develop students who are well prepared for success in rigorous high schools, post-secondary schools and meaningful careers, who embody grade-level mastery of the New Tech Network learner outcomes of Knowledge & Thinking, Collaboration, Oral Communication, Written Communication and Agency, along with Social-Emotional Learning goals of trust, responsibility, respect for self and respect for others.

School Supplies
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