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Mayacamas Charter Middle School is seeking an experienced, dynamic, and passionate founding Counselor for our new charter school, targeted to open Fall 2022. The Counselor will work directly with students and staff to ensure that students’ social and emotional needs are met, providing one-on-one and group sessions and collaborating closely with teachers and other staff.


The Counselor will have the following minimum qualifications:

  • Pupil Personnel Services Credential with authorization in Counseling

  • Bachelor’s Degree; Master’s Degree preferred

  • Two or more years of prior counseling experience strongly preferred

  • Experience with trauma-sensitive practices, including cognitive behavioral therapy, strongly preferred

  • Bilingual Spanish preferred

The primary roles and responsibilities of the Counselor shall include/but are not limited to:

  • Identify      and provide intervention strategies for students and their families,      including counseling, case management, and crisis intervention

  • Providing      individual and small group counseling to students in need (prevention,      intervention, as well as DIS counseling, if designated on student IEP)

  • Work      collaboratively with SSPT, teachers/advisors and other support personnel      regarding social and emotional needs of students

  • Collaborate      with outside agencies and organizations to provide referrals for students      and families to needed services (counseling but also health, housing/food      assistance and other supports), and coordinating with foster/homeless      youths’ social workers and other supports

  • Create      and implement curriculum for Advisory regarding Social-Emotional Learning      and collaborate with teachers to implement and differentiate as needed

  • Be      available for contact with parents, students and staff to discuss student      progress and problems after class, at night or on weekends (via cell phone      or in person)

  • Counsel      students to help them better understand themselves and others and to      affect changes in behavior, attitudes, motivations, self-concepts, and      other important areas of human behavior; assist students to plan realistic      goals; help them discover their aptitudes and abilities, discuss goals and      interests

  • Help      interpret test results for students and parents

  • Provide      individual and group counseling regarding issues of social emotional and      personal adjustment

  • Maintain      professional standards and school environment that is productive, safe and      focused

  • Participate      in Professional Development, including outside conferences

  • Participate      in other events aimed at promoting or developing MCMS (i.e., student recruitment,      partnerships with outside community service organizations, etc.)

  • Other      duties as may be assigned by the Head of School


We are strongly committed to hiring a diverse and multicultural staff. Please send a resume and compelling letter of interest via email to

  • Compensation: Competitive      salary and benefits

  • We are a non-profit public      benefit 501(c)3corporation

  • Principals only. No recruiters      please.

Thank you for your interest in this position.

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